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[[Christmas Party!]]

((OOC: Basically, this entire thing is set up outside. Assume that the thing spans all of December 24th - I'm just giving us a week to get the full experience!))

Outside the base, near the junkyard, Jolly has been busy. She's called in dozens of elves to decorate a huge space with icicle lighting, huge Christmas tress that are, at the smallest, 13 feet. The entire place is also mysteriously covered with three feet worth of snow - not much for the Transformers, but it adds some scenery.

There's a huge, Transformer sized wet-bar with as many cubes as the elves could scrounge up, including a lot of eggnog flavored ones. There's even tons of chocolate and peppermint energon snacks! Look how well Jolly treats you all!

(There is, of course, drinks and snacks for the humans and the elves, but they're on a human-sized bar away from the Transformers one.)

There's Christmas music floating from somewhere, but it's impossible to see where.

Jolly is currently yelling at elves to keep themselves busy, since it's bad form for hosts to start partying before their guests arrive.
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