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Off Base - Re: Kidnappings

Jolly here - I've been and gone by now, thank Jack Frost. I see that you've, once again, lost a part of your group. Do you guys need me to stay there and watch everything for you? Really, now, you're superintelligent aliens! Please be aware that the barrier is fully functioning, and so that means whoever has kidnapped your group this time is either considered on the "Nice" list, or had lured the Transformers out of the safety zone. Maybe you all should be focusing your searches around the perimeter, or whatever it is you all do when people go missing.

Now that everything's been cleared up on base, so far as I'm concerned - the rest of your problems can eat me, I've returned to the Bahamas to finish my vacation. Once September comes, we'll be heading back to the North Pole in order to begin processing requests and manufacturing toys. This is all extraneous information, but I assumed you would like to know where your actual security team all of us elves are going, in case we're needed.

Strafe, Scattershot - it was nice to meet you both. Starscream - how is it that I seem to completely miss meeting you every time I have a free moment on your base? It's simply a shame. I still haven't taken a death ray and I really want one. Oh, and that reminds me - Prime, I was lying, we don't watch you and Megatron interface, I just have a very creative imagination. Ironhide and Ratchet, on the other hand...
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